This book outlines a system of orthodontic therapy based on the use of Gummetal arch wire that can improve patient comfort and shorten treatment time. Although many alloys have been used for orthodontic wire, none offer the benefits of Gummetal, which combines a super-low Young modulus with extreme strength. The use of Gummetal in en bloc protocols allows clinicians to construct simple orthodontic appliances that not only distribute a gentle, near-optimum force but can also achieve an ideal occlusion in less time than traditional treatment. The author details the characteristics and application of Gummetal and the en bloc treatment strategies that maximize three-dimensional tooth movement in orthodontic therapy.

This book was written for dental professionals currently using the MEAW appliance in orthodontic treatment, as well as those who are thinking about starting orthodontic treatment with this appliance in order to encourage them to establish a physiologic functional occlusion by correcting vertical disharmony using wires made of the newly developed titanium alloy ‘GUMMETAL’. The MEAW appliance is a mere tool. Tools are subject to change with time. Our concept of malocclusion unchanged even when we change our tools from the MEAW (Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire) appliance to the GEAW (GUMMETAL Edgewise Arch Wire) appliance.